Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daily Eats: Green Tea Swirl Bread

Green Tea (Matcha) Swirl Bread
Homemade green tea (matcha) swirl bread.

RECIPE: Milk bread & variations (via Une-deux senses)

Great, great recipe! You can leave out the egg to make it vegan, it's no problem at all, though you might want to add a little more water or else your dough could be too dry. The left over tangzhong / water-roux can be diluted with water and be used as a vegan 'egg' wash. My bread making skills aren't very good, but I have used the water-roux method used in this recipe before for making bread and it honestly never disappoints. If you've been shying away from making bread at home I suggest you give this recipe a try, it's worth the work. :)


  1. Julia! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I think I will attempt making a vegan green tea swirl bread very soon. :P Yours is just so pretty, don't know if mine will turn out as nice, but I'll be brave and try! -Sunnie

  2. WOW! What a pretty bread! Next time you can dye the white part pink or other color using a vegetable or fruit juice and you will have quite a candy bread :-)

  3. Sunnie - Ah~, good luck! I'll be crossing my fingers for you, but I'm sure it'll come out great though! :))

    Elisabeth - What a fun idea, I should try that next time! :)