Monday, January 24, 2011

Review: Hurraw! & Crazy Rumors

Hurraw! & Crazy Rumors Lipbalms

So today's entry is going to be a little different from my other entries. After my cleanser review, back in Novemeber, I tried to stick to blogging about food for Vegan Mofo since blogging about other things seemed so out place and blogging about food is really fun, so it wasn't a hard rule to stick to. But November is long gone now and when I created this blog I wanted to blog about all sorts of things, not just food. So don't be surprised if you see non-food related blog-posts in the future. :)

Anyway... I'm starting off with some lip balm reviews. Everybody likes lip balms, right? I was googling for some swatches last week and somehow ended up reading a review on Hurraw! lip balms on another blog. Incidentally the blogger mentioned that she bought her balms from Super Smoocher's website and that they were having 20% off all vegan products. Needless to say I had a closer look. Turns out Super Smoocher is an English online shop dedicated to all things lip care related. They carry two all vegan brands: Crazy Rumors and Hurraw! I decided to give them a try and ordered six balms for myself and another two for a friend.

The sale is going on for another couple of days, so make sure to check it out if you're in need of some lip balms. I qualified for free shipping, but shipping prices are very reasonable and EU citizens don't have to worry about import taxes since their warehouse is situated in the UK. Delivery was quick, six days (weekend included) to be precise, though times probably vary depending on the destination. Overall I was very happy with my purchase there and would recommend them. You can check out their shop here: SuperSmoocher

Both brands are sold for the same price (at the moment) and you get 15oz per tube, that is 4.2g for the Crazy Rumors ones and 4.3g for the Hurraw! ones. I found them both to be hydrating and relatively long lasting and they both go on clear, there's no white tint to them or anything. The Crazy Rumors one seems a little harder in texture compared to the Hurraw! balms, but there isn't much of a difference really. Both companies' products are all natural and vegan! :)

For more information about the actual lip balms, check out these websites:

Super Smoocher's Packaging
Super Smoocher's cute packaging! Love is in the air... errr.. on the lips.

I don't know if this is because Valentine's Day is nearing, but the packaging (including the hearts) was a nice surprise. Cute!

Hurraw! Coffee Bean & Chai Lipbalm
Hurraw's Coffee Bean & Chai Spice Lip Balms

Coffee Bean I was hesitant about ordering this one, as I am not someone who likes overly sweet smells, but I was not disappointed. This actually smells like coffee beans, none of that super sweet artificial smell, hooray hurraw! The coffee balm is one of the stronger smelling balms in this batch. I personally haven't gotten a headache from this (yet?), but just so you know. Some people are very sensitive to strong smells and it's certainly something to consider when you put something on your lips, so close to your nose.

Chai Spice Yum! Mhmm, this is a nice one. The balm is infused with cinnamon and cardamon - just right for all of you chai junkies (I know you're out there!).

Hurraw! Grapefruit & Lemon Lipbalm
Hurraw's Grapefruit & Lemon Lip Balms

Grapefruit This smells just like Mamba Fruit Chews, but not obnoxiously so. Although I do have to restrain myself with this, every time I lift the cap I feel like taking a bite! :) I was a little disappointed to find out that this is not one of Hurraw's tinted lip balms, for some reason I assumed it would be, but it's not. It's no big deal since I love the smell so much, but I'd love to see more tinted balms in Hurraw's product line. Maybe in the future?

Lemon I find that a lot of citrus scents used in cosmetics and skin care products have the tendency to smell artificial, similar to those awful anti-mosquito candles. You know, the ones they sell in garden-supply stores? Shudder. Luckily this isn't the case with this one. The smell is natural and subtle, very fresh! Definitely one of my favourites in this batch and something I would buy again.

Hurraw! Tinted Cinnamon Lipbalm & Crazy Rumors Apple Spice
Crazy Rumors' Apple Spice & Hurraw's tinted Cinnamon Lip Balms

Apple Spice Crazy Rumors have an insanely HUGE variety of lip balms! I had a hard time choosing, it was a little overwhelming to be honest. But eventuelly I did settle on two balms: Apple Spice from the Brew Collection and Peppermint from the Sugar Cane Collection. The Peppermint one is a belated Christmas gift for someone, so I couldn't open it, unfortunately.. Sad face. But the Apple Spice one is aaaall mine! The smell is great: a little something sweet, a little something sour with a little bit of spice. I don't know about the rest of their balms, but this one doesn't smell too sweet either so I really lucked out it seems. :)

Cinnamon (tinted) Drumroll please, let me introduce you to the only tinted lip balm from my package. I may not wear lipstick all that often, but I do have an unhealthy obsession with tinted lip products: balms, butters, glosses - the whole lot. The cinnamon balm is one of the two tinted lip balms in Hurraw's line of products, the other one being Black Cherry, which is a sheer deep/dark red shade from what I've read. The cinnamon balm smells, well, like cinnamon. Big surprise there! ;) The shade is a sheer coral-red, see the photos for a closer look!

Bare Lips
Bare lips.

I made sure to wipe my lips with a wet tissue, so you guys can see what my bare lips look like for reference.

Hurraw! Tinted Cinnamon Lipbalm
Wearing the Tinted Cinnamon Lip Balm on my lips.

I think the balm looks rather natural on my lips, no? Just a bit of colour (and care), nothing too exciting, a nice everyday "go-to" balm.

Hurraw! Tinted Cinnamon Lipbalm
Close Up.

Smooooth! Compare this to the bare lips photo, looks like my lips went to the spa all on their own. Hehe.

Hurraw! Tinted Cinnamon Lipbalm
Swatch for the tinted cinnamon balm.

I figured a swatch on white background would give you a better idea of what the color looks like. The photo is pretty much true to the colour. 

So yeah, that's it. Have any of you experience with either of these lip balm brands? Let me know what you think and ask away if you have any question! :)


  1. Süßer Blog!
    Gegenseitiges Verfolgen?
    Würde mich freuen :)
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Ah, thanks, I found those Hurraw balms a few months ago, there are some German online shops selling these, too, for example muso kuroni. But I wasn't sure whether or not to order them as I still got a few different korres balms. Do you like the taste of these?

    Anyway, nice haircut :)

  3. I love Crazy Rumors! I have been buying their lip balms for years now, I love the amazing flavors and the smells, plus they keep my lips nice a moist for a long time. I haven't tried the Hurraw balms yet. The tinted lip balms sound good, I have to try them :-)

  4. Schneewitchen - Gerne! :)

    Tisi - Gosh, I love Korres lip products! I can't say that I noticed much taste to be honest, nothing unpleasant at least. I probably wouldn't have bought as many if it hadn't been for the sale, but I definitely recommend them!

    Elisabeth - That's good to know, I already put a couple CR balms on my wishlist for next time. :)

  5. I was just cruising around for swatches of the cinnamon balm before buying and found your site! I am now subscribed and look forward to your future posts! :)

  6. Yo pretty lady! I am passing along this 'Stylish Blogger Award' to you. Keep doing your thang! :)

  7. haven't seen this here...i like the idea of coffee lip balm :D

  8. Wow, firstly thank you so much for the kind words. Your photos are beyond fab, you couldn't have more perfect lips for modelling lip balms! What a fantastic article!

  9. I found your website looking for swatches too. The cinnamon one looks especially pretty - I just got an order of Hurraw! balms today & I'm already thinking of getting more! Which do you prefer out of Hurraw! and Crazy Rumors? x

  10. Tor - I like to wear the Hurraw balms during the day (nice gloss) and Crazy Rumors at night/before I go to bed (it goes on a bit thicker than the Hurraw balms and I think that is beneficial because it's unlikely for me to re-apply balm while I'm asleep, heh heh ;)). Flavour-wise my favourite right now is the grapefruit one by Hurraw!, but I would really like to try some more of the other Crazy Rumor flavours in the future.

  11. I also found your website looking for swatches of the hurraw. I use hurraw coconut, which is great... I love how glossy it makes your lips for a lip balm. I can't wait to try one of the tinted ones!

  12. Do you find the cinnamon Hurraw balm has a plumping effect? Does it tingle?

  13. Excellent and helpful post… I am so glad to left comment on this. This has been a so interesting ..I appreciate your effort..