Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Eats

Sunday Eats Nov21 2010
Oatmeal with almond milk, roasted almond butter, banana and cinnamon maple syrup. 
Mhmm, tasted just like speculoos. :)

Sunday Eats Nov21 2010
Snack #1
Kale Chips. I snacked on these all day long, yum.

Sunday Eats Nov21 2010
'Cheese' pizza. I used the vegourmet santicciano cheese.  
The taste reminded me A LOT of real cheese, very good.
(So good in fact that I ate another one 2 hours later.. :))

Sunday Eats Nov21 2010
Snack #2
A Persimmon.

Sunday Eats Nov21 2010
Just hummus and carrots.

Snack #3 
(no photo) 
Cookies w/ almond milk. 

Wow, Vegan Mofo week 3 is over, see you all in week 4! :)


  1. Your pictures are so gorgeous!

    May I ask whether photography is just your hobby and how did you learn that?

  2. I've never tried a persimmon. I picked one up at the market the other day and then put it back. Maybe I should be more daring. I'm jealous of your dinner. I was craving hummus but didn't have any nor the ingredients to make it.

  3. @Tisi: It's just a hobby really. :) I've gotten a bit rusty, but the daily blogging for vmofo is helping a lot, it's good practise but I've still got a lot to learn. There's plenty of information and tutorials for amateur photographers on the internet too, so you may want to look into that if you're interested in that sort of thing! :)

    @Kathleen: Persimmons used to scare me, I always thought they looked like strange big orange tomatoes! :) They're really good though, I bought a bag of ten hachiya persimmons earlier today but I was very tempted to buy a whole box of them instead. They're best when they're very very ripe and soft and I've been told they're rather vile when they're not ripe enough, so watch out for that if you ever pick some up.

  4. Thanks for stopping by at my blog and for the persimmon tip - I see what you mean about the spoon technique. :) And your photos really are very nice!