Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mofo Favourites Week 3!

Jen and her bat ears invite you in.

I haven't had the time to check the blogroll today and the week isn't over yet anyways, so I might add some more entries tomorrow - check back if you're interested.


Poffertjes (via EatingWithTheRabbits)
Mmmmmh, Poffertjes! Dutch mini pancakes traditionally dusted with a good deal of powdered sugar and some butter/margarine, there's a stand selling these at every Christmas market here in Germany and Christmas season without them just wouldn't be right.

Trail Mix Muffins (via SeitanIsMyMotor)
What a great idea, get your trail mix and muffin fix in one!

Kiwi Salsa (via Courtney'sVeganJournal)
Courtney writes about a recipe for kiwi salsa, sounds like a taste of summer to me.

Chocolate Toaster Pies (via BreadWithoutButter)
These made their first appearance last week, but without a recipe - luckily Tiffany decided to share the magic with us mofo folks this week, get baking!

Whipped Cream's Healthy Makeover (via Chocolate-CoveredKatie)
Can't get Soyatoo in your necks of the wood? Katie's got an alternative for you and it looks mighty tasty too. :)

Harry Potter's Butterbeer (via MirandaWrites)
There can never be too many Harry Potter related recipes, especially not when it comes to butterbeer, m-m-m-magic!

Quinoa Rosemary Crackers (via TahiniToo)
I like the sound of these, but then anything with rosemary is a sure way to lure me in, ha. I don't know when I'll have the time to actually make all of these mofo recipes, but this one is veeery high up on my list. :)

Rainbow Tapioca Rice Balls in Coconut Milk (via MessyVegetarianCook)
D'aww, what a great idea, reminds me of a bowl of colourful cereal.

Almond Pulp Cookies for the Dehydrator (via ThisEvolutionaryLife)
Rach's take on almond pulp cookies: raw macaroons! It must have been hard to wait 16 hours for these babies, haha.

Peppermint Stick Ice Cream (via IEatTrees)
For some reason the site seems to be down? But make sure to save this to your bookmarks, it looks santastic! (..hehehe)

Homemade Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs (via VeryVeganHoliday)
More Harry Potter stuff for us geeks! Chocolate frogs with a decadent looking filling, omnom.

Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas (via C'estLaVegan)
Great ideas for those still looking for the perfect vegan thanksgiving dinner.

12 Steps to Avocado Adoration (via VeganCookbookCritic)
Oh avocado, how I love thee~

Banana Bread French Toast (via MidWestVegan)
Need I say more? :))

Pitepalt - Swedish Potato Dumplings (via NorthernVeg)
Dumplings! Sweet, savoury, potato dough or flour dough - I love them all, round food rocks and this Swedish version looks like it would be no exception.

Baking Without Sugar (via ADashOfCompassion)
A very helpful introduction to alternative sweeteners. :)

Quinoa Brownies (via HealthFashionVegan)
Another quinoa dessert, nice and fudgy - just how I like them!

Sweet Chia Seed Crackers (via Luciana's Vegan Kitchen)
Silly me, I thought these were for the oven, but unfortunately you need a dehydrator to make this. The crackers look fantastic though, so do give them a try if you're lucky enough to own a dehydrator! :)

Goulash the Australian Way (via GoVeganMeow)
Who knew Australia has it's own Goulash version? I certainly didn't. Nevertheless, this looks just perfect for Winter, a nice warm and filling meal.

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