Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Small Challange

I'm challenging myself to post at least a photo per day for an entire month (March 20 - April 20). I've really been slacking with this blog and it's weird, because I actually do have a lot of things and recipes I want to blog about and I did quite well during vegan MoFo in November... But for whatever reason I can't seem to get anything done and I don't want this to be just another failed project in the never ending universe of the interwebz~.. Boo. So I'm putting a tiny bit of pressure on myself with this challenge and hopefully I'll get my groove back. This isn't exactly like Vegan MoFo since my only goal is to post a picture a day of something I cooked, baked or ate that day. Should be doable right? Y'all can come kick my cyber-butt if I miss a day! (keep the different time zones in mind though, I'm not taking a beating just because the day's over in your neck of the woods ;))

Anyways, if any of you bloggers out there would like to join me in this challenge leave me a comment so I can stalk you see what you're up to!

Oh and btw! By the request of a horde of people single lady (yo Allysia!) I will be posting the recipe for savoury oatmeal soon. I meant to post it last week (there we go again..) but it's just that lately I haven't been in the mood to eat savoury oatmeal myself so there wasn't an opportunity. :)

Vegan Brownie
Fudgy brownie with real cocoa nibs.

These were a disaster, extra fudgy brownies ruined by evil cocoa nibs. I thought the nibs would add a nice crunch to the brownies, but they tasted rubbery (perhaps dues to the heat from the baking process?).


  1. The challenge sounds good. I've been slacking lately too. Too much on a work and not wanting to spend the evening on a computer too! Look foward to seeing your pics :)

  2. Tea - Ah I can imagine how that would be annoying! It seems that all I do when I'm online is procrastinate, it's so easy to get stuck on some websites. :)