Monday, March 28, 2011

Daily Eats: Bami Goreng

Bami Goreng
Bami goreng / Indonesian fried noodles.


  1. Looks delicious!
    Are those rice noodles? (Reisbandnudeln)
    I've been looking for noodles like this for a while, where did you buy them?

  2. Cat - The package says "oriental style noodles", whatever that means. But no, they're made out of wheat flour. :) I don't actually like rice noodles, but I know you can buy those in different shapes at most Asian grocery shops and I think I might have seen them at Real before, but I'm not sure.

  3. excuse me,
    but the correct name for it is "bakmi/bakmie/mie" (whichever suits you) :))

  4. Novi - Is the 'k' silent when spoken? Here at home we call it bami, not bakmi (the same goes for baso not bakso), but I've seen both variations used in written form and so I just use what I've been hearing here at home, since I'm not fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. :)