Friday, November 5, 2010

Lazy MoFo

Dog nose!
No food porn today, but here's a dog nose!

I was going to review a facial cleanser today, but I'm coming down with a cold, so I'm spending my evening in bed, sipping tea and watching the potter films (who's stoked for deathly hallows? potter nerds unite!). Keeping up with the blog roll has been a challenge for me, there is just not enough time to read it all but I don't want to miss out on anything either. All in good time I suppose. Still I've found some really great blogs already and my bookmarks are overflowing with new recipes. There's a lot of love for vegan food out there, I'm really glad I decided to participate.

Anyway, I'm keeping it short today, my bed is waiting after all, but to keep in step with VeganMoFo here's what I ate today:

Chelsea Waffles (veganomicon), fruit salad, cup of east frisian tea with oat milk.

Curry left overs from yesterday with mixed grain/bean rice.

Probably a simple miso soup with spinach.

Warm matcha latteglutinous rice cakes, banana shake. 


  1. I hope you feel better soon! :)

    I really need to find time to read some MoFo blogs, but it's quite time consuming just participating!

    Enjoy your movie marathon.

  2. Feel better soon! I'm currently re-reading the Harry Potter books. I have only seen a couple of the movies.

  3. That puppy picture is the cutest ever. Teeth!

    I hope you feel better!

  4. Seeing the puppy pic was an awesome way to start the morning! Lately, I have had puppies on the brain... I want to get one SO BADLY, but I live in a small apartment. Also, I am a teacher so my schedule wouldn't allow for me to give him/her an adequate amount of attention.

    On discussing veganism...*sigh*

    It is such a love/hate relationship for me. I would love for everyone to hear the "good news" about how amazingly beneficial and wonderful the lifestyle is; however, I have grown so tired of explaining the same answers over and over and over. Then.. when I get heavily criticized about how unhealthy I am?? Geesh! Talk about discouragement...

    As for foodie gift-giving, Koreans score a perfect 100%. What makes them really awesome in this category is that often they give food items (at least what I have experienced..)just because. My amazing co-workers are ALWAYS sharing any kind of vegan friendly item with me.

    EEeeek! Feel better!! I'm sure Harry will take of you ;)

    Happy blogging!!

  5. I know what you mean... There are so many great vegan blogs at Vegan Mofo...Time just slips away when I start reading through the feeds.

    Feel better soon!

  6. Check out the MoFo International Headquarters for daily snippets.